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Subject: Re: fresh horror from AOL
From: "Dr. Manion" <CEO @ Citadel . Net>
Organization: Execu/Quest Marketing Consultants
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 15:19:46 +0000
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Comments: Authenticated sender is <citadel @ citadel . net>
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Two possible ways to verify users is by their Credit Card Numbers and 
their Phone Numbers. People, may have several credit cards, but few 
will go out and change their phone number every two or three weeks, 
just to have access to AOL.

It seems to me that AOL could assign one email address to a user and 
track them by their phone number. That way, they can't bomb a list. 
Abandon the email address and come back and do it again under another 
email address from AOL.

I have had similar problems with AOL responding to requests for help 
with their subscribers. Total silence. And, yes I was very polite 
back then. Now, I just terminate the people.


On  2 Feb 97 ,Tim Bowden insightfully wrote:

> Brad Knowles <brad @
 his .
 com> writes:
> > 	We verify credit cards interactively.  You cannot use a fake
> > credit card number to get an AOL account.  I'm not sure what else you
> > might mean by "unverified accounts", though.
> Possibly:  a verified user simply switches his account name.  He is
> now BombasterX @
 aol .
 com .
   He sends a stream of garbage, perhaps even
> a load of system demands to the last list he was justifiably kicked
> off.  He drops his alias before the material comes back, which of
> course bounces, which of course adds a heavy load to the system
> he's bombing, which was his intent.  
> Here's my experience:  if I complain about an isolated user to AOL,
> there is a chance I will see a rather prompt, courtesous, and helpful
> reply.  If I bring to them a possible liability, such as the above
> (which I have), I will hear total silence.  They will not so much
> as acknowledge my mail.  
> Now, this may've been 1995, and it may have been rare, but there
> was some dud on AOL sent a resource bomb as I've described to
> bring down my small system, and AOL did not respond to my repeated
> demands they take action and inform.  I suspect from that the legal
> department kicks in whenever there is potential for liability, and
> I wonder if other listowners have seen that sort of non-response.
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