Great Circle Associates List-Managers
(February 1997)

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Subject: spams to list-managers?
From: Stan Ryckman <stanr @ sunspot . tiac . net>
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 1997 14:13:00 -0500
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

My apologies if I'm wrong, but I think I got two spams today through
this list (list-managers):
        Create your own website
        Complete MLM Internet Marketing Manual

These both appear to have been sent out with *NO* "To:" header and
(presumably) with the mailing list as a Bcc:

They both contain the header:
        Sender: list-managers-owner @
 GreatCircle .
and the Received: headers point back there as well.

Spammers seem to be doing this somewhat more (omitting the "To:"
header); however, since RFC 822 requires a To: field containing
at least one address, it would seem reasonable to silently trash
any posts lacking a To: header (no, don't bounce them--that would
wake up the spammers!) sent to this (or any other) mailing list.
Or, at least, filter them for manual review before posting (as seems
to happen with posts containing words like "uns*bscr*be").

Any thoughts?

Stan Ryckman (stanr @
 tiac .

ps - people who filter on the listname appearing in To: or Cc:
may have thought these were privately mailed spams to them.

pps - one can also extend the above argument to require that the
listname itself appear in To: or Cc: for posting.

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