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Subject: Re: Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer (fwd)
From: "E. Allen Smith" <EALLENSMITH @ mbcl . rutgers . edu>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 1997 14:18 EDT
To: ravage @ EINSTEIN . ssz . com
Cc: cypherpunks @ toad . com, cypherpunks-hosts @ algebra . com, list-managers @ greatcircle . com

From:	IN%"ravage @
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Subj:	RE: Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer (fwd)

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From: Jim Choate <ravage @
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Subject: RE: Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer (fwd)
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> Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 18:47 EDT
> From: "E. Allen Smith" <EALLENSMITH @
 ocelot .
 rutgers .
> Subject: Re: Cypherpunks Distributed Remailer (fwd)
> 	Someone with more experience correct me if I'm wrong (I'm just
> starting to learn about mailing list management), but isn't saving
> at least the first bounce from a given address good in order to check
> what address is the one that's actually bouncing? Admittedly, this only
> applies to badly-formed bounces. The rest can just have the address
> noted.

Hmmm, I can see saving the address causing the bounce in some sort of array
that is indexed to the majordomo subscription list for a given remailer. It
would not cost anything but overhead to save the entire message. I guess my
motivation was not that I cared their mailbox was full or it was a invalid
address but that I wouldn't be able to deliver at this time. I just don't
see any reason that it helps me to know why they can't receive mail only that
they can't.

[re: bi-directional news-mail gateways]
>> >Want to volunteer?
>> 	Give me some idea of how much programming knowledge, time, etcetera
>> is required, please, before I can answer. I'd be renting space on some other
>> computer (e.g., an account on to do it in; the only higher-level
>> programming language (i.e., beyond Applesoft Basic) that I know anything of
>> is Perl (and I don't know that all that well); and I am somewhat busy with
>> other stuff. In other words, it depends.

>Hmmm, not shure how much programming it would take - never done it myself.
>I think Perl would be an acceptable language. I certainly hope to do the
>majority of the scripts on the CDR in Perl myself. Perhaps there is somebody
>who knows the fine points of how INN cache's messages. Redbeard and I had a
>short discussion about this issue today relating to tracking messages to
>reduce mail-loops. I will discuss it with him and see what happens.

	So far as I can tell, there are two types of news2mail gateways
in common usage: newsgate, which is in C, and the standard LISTSERV
bit.listserv.* gatewaying. I don't know C and don't have that much
reason to learn it (perl makes a lot more sense to me); therefore, I'd
need to locate a perl version or let someone else take care of the
actual programming end of it, with me just handling what the programming
person didn't. Hmm... I wonder if Lance would be available for the
programming? I'd probably be using an account on for the
gateway in any event.

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