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Subject: Re: Picking up the pieces
From: Chuq Von Rospach <chuqui @ plaidworks . com>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 12:36:57 -0700
To: "John M. Wobus" <jmwobus @ MailBox . Syr . Edu>, list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Cc: jmwobus @ MailBox . Syr . Edu
In-reply-to: <199704151616 . MAA12504 @ spider . syr . edu>

At 9:16 AM -0700 4/15/97, John M. Wobus wrote:
>Any opinions on the policy of carrying out sign-off requests that
>are sent to mailing lists?

I don't. I send them a piece of boilerplate that tells them how it
ought to work. I wont' encourge bad behavior by letting it "work" --
even if the first thing they do is write me private e-mail and ask for
help. I've found about 95% follow the directions without anything more
from me, the rest ask for help, and about 1 in 300 call me rude or

>(5) More than one of the victims responded with messages like "I didn't
>    join your ****ing list, now take me off!!" "Why should *I* have to
>    do anything, I didn't join your **** **** list."  Some also started
>    responding to every post to the list with a response that copied
>    the original post and appended the response (not in so many words)
>    "Please take me off this list!"
>(6) All this continued for a while.

Unfortunate. One reason why mail lists need better anti-admin filters,
unfortunately. My response to those who won't follow the directions is
"I"m helping you learn how to do it right. What would you do if the
admin wasn't around or ignored you?" and we all know that not all of
the mail lists in the world have active landlords.... "If you're doing
it wrong, why should you expect it to work?" also gets through to some
of them...

Sometimes this might cause more problems for my list, when someone
refuses to act reasonably (and then I generally have a chat with their
admin...), but I think it helps cut the noise/problems in the future,
so maybe someone learns and/or some other list is saved later.

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