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Subject: Re: The chutzpah award
From: "Henry W. Miller" <henrym @ sacto . mp . usbr . gov>
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 23:09:00 PDT
To: rogerk @ QueerNet . ORG
Cc: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM, henrym @ sacto . mp . usbr . gov

> From:	MX%"rogerk @
 QueerNet .
 ORG"  "Roger B.A. Klorese" 20-APR-1997 23:04:38.51
> Subj:	Re: The chutzpah award


> On Sun, 20 Apr 1997, Henry W. Miller wrote:
> > 	My "favorite" one happened on one of my lists several months 
> > ago.  A list member sent a message to the entire list, basically saying:
> > "Hey, I'm too lazy to go look up the instructions - would the list 
> > manager please remove me from this list..."  Sheesh!  This one had me 
> > beside myself for a few days...
> I get several of those a week... not to mention the one who recently
> posted out-of-charter stuff, then reposted my adminishing private email!
> After I bounced him, he said that he just did the whole stupid thing to
> get me to unsubscribe him!

	Geez - couldn't he have just sent a message asking to be 
unsubscribed?  Sometimes, I wonder why we put up with this stuff...


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