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(April 1997)

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Subject: LSOFT.COM Spam Fest? / IP filters
From: Todd Day <today @ di . com>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 1997 03:42:28 -0700
To: "List Manager's Digest (E-mail)" <list-managers-digest @ GreatCircle . COM>

I keep getting *TONS* of misdirected e-mail from bulk lists having a
return address of  Most recent is
 COM (this is a Microsoft software tools mailing
list, as best I can tell).  Despite several requests to get them to stop
sending their junk, they just keep on sending it.  I have to deal with
this problem a lot as our domain name is and is easily mistyped
(you ought to see all the Texas Instruments mail we get).

Unfortunately, MS Exchange server doesn't keep the headers of this
bounced e-mail, so I can't really tell if it is indeed coming from  Perhaps this really isn't their fault.  I didn't think that
LSOFT was involved in the distribution of bulk blatting...

To stop the crap we get from our favorite spammers, I installed the
following inbound IP filters:


This has put a huge dent in the flow.  The first two are cyberpromo and
the last one is prime-data-systems, makers of the unholy floodgate bulk
mailer program.  The advantage of blocking all access and not simply
SMTP ports is that they can't go sucking e-mail addresses off your
website or ftp site.  This does not stop remailer attacks, of course,
but it is a good first cut.


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