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Subject: Re: Need Sendmail Assistance
From: Vince Sabio <wavelet @ colossus . arl . mil>
Date: Mon, 5 May 1997 16:10:26 -0400
To: listmom-talk @ skyweyr . com, List-Managers @ greatcircle . com

** Sometime around 11:31 -0400 5/3/97, Keith Moore said:

>> I have some poor sysadmin in India who has sendmail set up to bounce
>> messages back to the "From:" address -- not the "Sender" or "Errors-To"
>> address, if one is present.
>Bouncing to either the Sender or the Errors-To address is also wrong.
>Mail bounces go to the envelope return-path, period.

As I understand it:

1. Return-path is not always provided (e.g., LISTSERV and ListProc use

2. "Sender" is legal according to RFC822. If that has been negated by
a downstream RFC, I'm not aware of it.

Also, I never *endorsed* the use of "Errors-To" (and do not recommend its
use), but it is better than blindly using the address on the From line.
(Well, IMO. Which certainly ain't perfekt.)

>At any rate, this is almost certainly not a sendmail configuration error.
>Sendmail bounces mail to the right place, (unless you enable ErrorsTo
>processing).  More likely, there is some upstream gateway which is
>filtering out the envelope sender information.

>From what I can gather (or, more accurately, from what the person who is
helping out the confused sysadmin has gathered), it seems as if sendmail
is trying to deliver the message TO the address on the From line, rather
than bouncing it as it should; this behavior seems to have been caused by
a configuration error on the part of the sysadmin.

In any event, as I mentioned in a subsequent message, there is now someone
with sendmail experience helping out the sysadmin in this case, so it
should [hopefully] be getting resolved.

- Vince S.
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 colossus .
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