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Subject: Re: Reviewers needed for MIIS book chapters
From: Jim Dennis <jimd @ starshine . org>
Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 09:59:57 -0700
To: Jerry Peek <jpeek @ jpeek . com>
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In-reply-to: <18685 . 857757471 @ hrothgar . gw . com> Message Apparently From Jerry Peek <jpeek @ jpeek . com> Dated Fri, 07 Mar 1997 09:57:51 PST.

> The second edition of O'Reilly's "Managing Internet Information Services"
> is coming soon.  Like the first edition, it has a section about email
> services:  two chapters cover mailing lists in general, two cover
> Majordomo 1.94.1, and one is about ftpmail.  I'm looking for reviewers
> who'll read the draft section thoroughly and give me detailed feedback.
> I'd like to get a mix of experts and newbies.  I especially need
> a couple of reviewers who will *do* the installation instructions
> (not just read them and say "hmm, that seems okay").  If you can
> help, please send me email.  Tell me about your background and your
> experience with email services.  The review starts mid-March.
> Thanks (from me and the book's future readers)!  Reviewers' work
> is always a big help; it makes the book clearer for other readers.
> --
> Jerry Peek, jpeek @
 jpeek .


	Is it too late to sign up for this review cycle?
	I've read the first edition of this book -- and I've
	reviewed other books for O'Reilly in the past.

	My consulting service provides Unix sysadmin support
	and training.  So a large part of what I do involves
	the installation, configuration, upgrade, tuning and
	troubleshooting of Internet and intranet services.

	I've used almost every chapter of your book many times.
	(I haven't set up any WAIS or Gopher servers yet -- they
	seem to be a dying breed).

	I've also written articles that will soon be appearing
	in SysAdmin Magazine and in The Linux Journal  (these
	have already been accepted).

	Please let me know if you need any other details.

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