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Subject: Re: Reviewers needed for MIIS book chapters
From: satin @ vulcan . usafa . af . mil (Satin Zeine-Johnson)
Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 06:48:29 -0600
To: jpeek @ jpeek . com
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

> > The second edition of O'Reilly's "Managing Internet Information Services"
> > is coming soon.  Like the first edition, it has a section about email
> > services:  two chapters cover mailing lists in general, two cover
> > Majordomo 1.94.1, and one is about ftpmail.  I'm looking for reviewers
> > who'll read the draft section thoroughly and give me detailed feedback.
> > 

Yeah!  I need this book.  I will be happy to review, if you still need people.

I am currently the Internet Services Administrator at the US Air Force Academy.  I have minimal sysadmin skills.  Mostly the ones relating to the WWW, listservers, etc.  I run the majordomo list server here, have installed NEWS, that sort of thing...

I have huge sysadmin skill gaps because I dont do it or have the opportunity to do so much.  Anything that helps me figure out why majordomo is blowing up or my news server is having a cow is a blessing!  Sendmail is in the category of "need to learn" "when I can get a chance".

> > I'd like to get a mix of experts and newbies.  I especially need
> > a couple of reviewers who will *do* the installation instructions
> > (not just read them and say "hmm, that seems okay").  If you can
> > help, please send me email.  Tell me about your background and your
> > experience with email services.  The review starts mid-March.
> > 

I think I AM a mix of expert and newbie - depends on what part of the system you mean <grin>  I will also do the install instructions for different things, if you need me to.

> > Thanks (from me and the book's future readers)!  Reviewers' work
> > is always a big help; it makes the book clearer for other readers.

Hope I can help.

Satin Zeine-Johnson, GS-12, DAF
USAFA Internet Services Administator/Postmaster
10th ComSq/SCBNI, US Air Force Academy
O-   Dea Reticula

Computers are like Old Testament gods; lots of rules and no mercy.
	-- Joseph Campbell

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