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(May 1997)

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Subject: Re: The "Duh!" Awards
From: "Henry W. Miller" <henrym @ sacto . mp . usbr . gov>
Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 01:04:42 PDT
To: arielle @ taronga . com
Cc: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM, henrym @ sacto . mp . usbr . gov

> From:	MX%"arielle @
 taronga .
 com"  "Stephanie da Silva"  7-MAY-1997 18:35:47.22
> Subj:	Re: The "Duh!" Awards

> > 	It's time for a new class, the "Duh" Award.  I bring this up 
> > because it has happened to me twice in the past week and a half.
> Here's mine.
> I occasionally get people saying "please unsubscribe me from your list."
> This isn't particularly intuitive, since I have 5 lists runnign on my
> server, only two of them mine.  Plus because of the PAML, people will
> ask me to unsubscribe me to lists I have nothing to do with, but that's
> another story.
> Anyhow, this must hit the very bottom of the clueless meter.  Recent
> exchange:
> CL: Please unsubscribe me from your mailing list.
> Me: Before I can do this, you'll need to tell me the name of the list.
> CL: I don't know....
> <believe it or not, it's happened twice now>

	Oh, I believe it.  The bonus point is when they say: "I don't 
even know how I got on this list..."



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