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(July 1997)

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Subject: Can we talk about Meta Lists?
From: Mark Rauterkus <mrauterkus @ sportsurf . net>
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 97 07:51:36 -0000
To: <List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM>


I'm looking for some other ideas about setting up Meta Lists -- something 
that might be called an ENHANCED Mirror List. 

All things about meta lists are fair game with this question.

For example, and established list has a topic area that is too wide. I'd 
like to establish a sub-topic area with a new list. How are there ways to 
set-up the list policies where you only control the meta list part?

For example2, an established list exists but is nearly dead with very 
little traffic. I'd like to establish a list on the same topic area. How 
can the new list jump into action and develop traffic and still mirror 
the older list? 


Mark Rauterkus, Publisher, S.S.S.

mrauterkus @
 sportsurf .

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