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(July 1997)

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Subject: Re: Web Page Signups
From: bbrown @ dkmc . org (Bob Brown)
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 97 11:50:28 EDT
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . com

>> This has worked very well.  So far, no one has reported being
>>unable to subscribe, and there are *no* phoney subscriptions.
>What facilities have you provided for these people, who never
>bothered to learn how to interact with Majordomo, to remove

     Well, the way the signup works, they *have* to have at least a
minimal interaction with Majordomo in order to get subscribed in the
first place, and the "take me off" whining has diminished to a few
whimpers since I changed over to sending a "how to subscribe" message
instead of just signing them up.

     I think this means the truly clue-impaired aren't subscribing, so
they can't whine about wanting to be unsubscribed.  Good.

     In addition, I have a cron job that sends a "how to get off the
list" message twice each month.  I reply to "take me off" requests,
either to me or to the list, with a canned message explaining how to
unsubscribe and requesting a copy of the error message(s) if my
instructions don't work.  So far, *no one* has sent me an error
message. <grin>

     I have to admit to being a wimp, though.  I manually unsub any
jerk who posts a second "take me off" message to the list, only to
keep the rest of the list from listening to the complaining.  (I have
Majordomo's administrivia filter turned off because of false

     Ummm, I guess I should mention that the list is closed, in the
sense that all subscribe requests have to be approved, but I'm not
sure this makes any real difference... there hasn't been one I've
failed to approve in two years of running this (small) list.

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