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Subject: List software Recommendations for NT
From: "Amy Stinson" <amys @ pop . iquest . net>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 21:59:23 -0500
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
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Reply-to: amys @ iquest . net


I'm trying to run some mail lists from my NT 4.0 machine and recently 
installed SLMAIL (because it was easy).  Test list mail went through 
nicely, so I invited everyone to move over to the new lists and the 
nightmare started.  Managing my server became a full time job as one 
bad address could single handedly fill my disk with "message rejected 
by system" mail that looped continuously AND it couldn't deliver mail 
to AOL, Compuserve, Juno, Prodigy...get the picture?  I have over 
45000 retries in my out queue.

Obviously, this software is not going to do the job.  I'm not ready 
to tackle UNIX (in any flavor) yet, so I was wondering if anyone had 
tried some of the other list software for NT and what they thought 
about it.  I run lists for hobbyists and at least one list exceeds 
1000 members, which disqualifies me for LSOFT's free or "lite" list 

Currently, I've set David Harris' Mercury 32 up and it's doing okay 
although since I'm primarily running lists, I'd like to be able to 
put a blurb in the subject and pretty up the digests a tad (as they 
are completely multipart-boundary with no subject list or other 

My main qualification is that it's GOT to handle the addresses 
correctly that you can't do a "host" on, like AOL, compuserve, juno, 
and Prodigy.

Remote admin is a must

an easy way to track down list members to unsubscribe them (a merc 

Price is important.  I'm not opposed to paying $500 for software, but 
I'm not running a commercial site and I'm primarily footing the 

Thanks for any input.


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