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(July 1997)

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Subject: Re: Where"s the Spam-L mailing list??
From: Vince Sabio <vince @ humournet . com>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 12:08:00 -0400
To: "W. David Samuelsen" <dsam @ wasatch . com>, List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <33DA1DAF . FE7 @ wasatch . com>

** Sometime around 11:54 -0400 7/26/97, W. David Samuelsen sent everyone:

>I recall there was a mention of this mailing list and I have not able to
>locate the info. This list is where to exchange information about the
>spammers and steps taken to counter them.

in body: subscribe spam-l W. David Samuelsen

>Benchmark Supply of Dunwoody, GA was spamming my group again few days

Lurk before you post. It's a high-volume list, and though it has become
watered down in recent months (I think even my grandmother subscribes
over there now -- and she's been dead for quite some time), there are
some top-notch spam fighters. But post the wrong information, or do it
in the wrong format, and not ONE of them will touch your post.

Things to remember:

1. NEVER post a complete spam unless there is some *compelling* reason
to do so (e.g., it is short, and it is advertising some new type of
spamming software that no one on the list has heard about yet). Always
remember to ::snip:: out the body of the spam (but leave important info,
like web-page URLS; you'll learn why....)

2. NEVER post a spam without also posting a *complete* header, unless
there is a compelling reason to do so (e.g., the idiot spammer put the
entire address list in the CC field (it happens); in that case, delete
the CC field rather than post 54K worth of addresses (some idiot did THAT
one day; no one talks to her now)).

3. DO NOT expect that you will be able to post a spam and have others
do your legwork. If you get a particularly tricky one, and want to ask
for assistance in tracing it, that's okay -- but be sure to include the
work that you have done so far.

There are other guidelines, too, but these are probably the three most

- Vince Sabio
  orionsoft @
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