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(April 1998)

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Subject: Re: Prevalence of mailing-list bombing (The Saga Continues!)
From: <Jenifer @ DivineWebDesign . com>
Date: Wed, 29 Apr 98 09:16:35 -0700
To: <list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM>

>A bit of terminology:
>list-managers is a Mailing List, not a "listserv".
>The server list-manager runs on is majordomo, not LISTSERV.
>LISTSERV is a completely different list management package.

I thought about that after I wrote it, I was waiting for someone to call 
me on that!

>They disagree because they tend to be very opinionated, and are
>not afraid of expressing it (and this open forum allows them to)
>It is not your prerogative to wag your finger
>at the participants here.

If this is an open forum, then I suppose I would be allowed to express my 
opinions as well.

>If this one is too rough for you,

Actually, yours is the first directed at me and I wouldn't call it "too 
rough".  Most of them tend to be a little repetitive though, and have 
really no purpose.  It just crowds my mailbox with pointless e-mails, 
like the "HTML Saga".  None of that was directed at me either.  It just 
got really old!  And I may have deleted something that was worth while, 
by deleting everything with that subject line, but how many are you 
suppose to read before it's not worth it anymore?

>You might try list-moms, I hear that one
>is more geared towards newbies.

I've never heard of that one, do you have the address?  It sounds like it 
might be more helpful for my needs.  I'm not ashamed of the fact that I'm 
trying to learn about being a List Manager.

>This is not a flame.  Don't take it as such.

I new I wouldn't be completely off the hook.  Only one so far though, I 
think I'm doing pretty good!

Thanks again to everyone else that supported my opinion!  I know you all 
didn't see how many I received because MOST of them we're sent PRIVATELY, 
to my personal address.

I would like to applause Claire for offering her opinion in a mature, 
respectful manner!
Claire's response to Ron's "Prevalence of mailing-list bombing"...

>Hmm.  The problem with your strategy is that in response to an 
>offense committed by some unknown miscreant, made possible by the
>carelessness/laziness/ignorance of a list admin, you swear at all the 
>subscribers to that list.   It's like bombing a town flat because a 
>cop let a hoodlum escape and go to your place to rob you.
>It's targetting the wromg people, and ir doesn't help.  If you want a 
>target for your anger, and you can't find the culprit, go for the 
>list admin.  But leave off the other subscribers, who are innocent 
>Best wishes,

Thanks for the feedback,

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