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(May 1998)

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Subject: Re: Listowner Skills [Was: list bombing]
From: Stan Ryckman <stanr @ sunspot . tiac . net>
Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 11:35:56 -0400
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM

At 09:33 AM 5/3/98 -0400, Rich Kulawiec wrote:
>On Sun, May 03, 1998 at 08:06:54AM -0400, murr rhame wrote:
>> Technical skills:
>>    Use and understand the listowner commands for the server software
>>    used by the list such as:
>> [...]
>	Understanding of limitations/bugs in various packages and ability
>		to choose between packages.

There may be no choice for a given site.  Having that choice is not a
technical skill, anyway.

>	Basic understanding of SMTP protocol.

'Scuse me, since when does a listowner need to get SMTP working?

>	Basic understanding of DNS (including MX records).

'Scuse me?  I think you're confusing listowner with site administrator.
Understanding MX missles would be just as useful for most listowners.

>	Thorough understanding of RFC 822 headers.

No.  Maybe "basic" here (Sender vs. From vs. Reply-To) but you
won't find experts even agreeing about other things (such as the
correct use of Resent-* headers by mailing lists).  Of little use to
a listowner except maybe to explain Reply-To to really novice subscribers.


>	Knowledge of de facto conventions (e.g. "-request").

Unless mail addressed to *-request at his list will actually be delivered
to him, this is irrelevant to a listowner.  Addressing is generally
a function of the MLM software in use.  Rephrased as "knowledge of the
addressing conventions of the MLM software being used," I might agree.

>	Ability to use whois/traceroute and other network tools to find
>	users, sites, admins, etc.

Overkill.  Site admins may need these things.  Listowners hardly do.
Furthermore, many listowners *only* have email access to run the list,
not any login privileges, and this is sufficient when the MLM software
supports it.

>	Awareness of privacy/copyright/etc. issues which have varying
>	impact on mailing list subscribers.

I don't see why it's necessary rather than nice-to-have.


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