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Subject: Re: Prevalence of mailin
From: dbsmith @ atbbs . com (David B. Smith)
Organization: American Tune BBS
Date: 03 May 98 17:42:02 -0500
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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RK>On Thu, Apr 30, 1998 at 12:03:55PM -0700, Jason Rasku wrote:
RK>> On Thu, 30 Apr 1998, Ronald F. Guilmette wrote:
RK>> > Name three.
RK>> I know you only asked for three, but I gave
RK>> you aproximately 20 that I know for sure, and, probably close to a
RK>> thousand other lists.   [...]

On Fri May  1 03:27:59 1998,  Rich Kulawiec <rsk @
 gsp .
 org> wrote:

RK>I don't think Ron is suggesting any such thing.  I think what Ron is
RK>suggesting is that people who do not know the difference between "listserv"
RK>and "a mailing list", what an MX record does, what EXPN and VRFY are
RK>and what they do, and similar bits of information are simply not
RK>competent to run a mailing list.

RK>This does not make such people Bad People, simply incompetent in one
RK>particular area of life.  The remedy is to either (a) convince them
RK>to achieve competency or (b) get them to turn the reins over to
RK>someone who is.

This begins to sound like a problem of definitions.

You sound convinced that knowledge of the mechanics of one way to run a
maillist is essential for running one.  I use an entirely different
mechanism, by way of an Internet gateway on my DOS BBS.  You don't have
to know how to use that mechanisms; that doesn't make you incompetent.

BTW, all my lists are subscribers-only-post and confirmation-required.
I don't do that the same way you do; that doesn't make me incompetent.

If a maillist is a particular technological structure of hardware and
software, then I suppose knowing how to run that hardware and software
is required for competency.  If a maillist is a discussion among people,
then knowing how to run a particular (albeit common) set of programs and
hardware is not essential; it is only handy.  In the old west, not
everyone carried a gun or wore a badge.

And that pesky definition problem again.

Is my boss competent to run the place where I work?  There's a lot of
computer work involved, and he's clueless regarding computers.  So I
suppose he isn't, in that sense.  But since I do all that stuff anyway,
he is competent.  He was competent enough to hire me.

Is he competent to shoot a holdup guy, if we get robbed?  Probably not.
I might be, but that's not vital either.  That's what the County
Sherriff's office has all those guys with guns & badges for.

So for "running a maillist" as a hands-on, jack-of-all-trades tech,
well, I suppose all that stuff you mentioned is life-or-death vital.
But for "running a maillist" as an intelligent person who knows how to
guide and participate in a conversation, no it is not.

Best option would be for all these "little town" maillists to have a
technically competent "sherriff."  But that doesn't mean the world of
maillists should only be made up of sherriffs, if you will.  I think the
point has already been made that Site Admins can effectively act in that
peacekeeper capacity.  Being the best sherriff is not necessarily te
same as the best mayor.

Makes me wonder why folks gave up on BBS networks -- where after all,
the Sysops provided the necessary technical savvy and security, and the
conference hosts conducted the discussions.  Maybe someday, when
civilization reaches this part of the High Plains.

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