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Subject: Re: HTML email
From: "KHC" <archken @ pacbell . net>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 15:20:00 -0700
To: List Mgrs <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>

>> Does HTML email cause problems for most lists?
>I think the answer varies depending on the nature of the list.  My lists 
>are all 'discussion' lists, for which GIF's and JPG's are completely
>out of line, as are other binary attachments.  I also ban posts in HTML
>because IMHO HTML adds little, if any,  significant value just through 
>formatting, the duplication inherent in most HTML encoded messages is 
>wasteful (the cost of my net connection tripled in the last year because 
>of increased bandwidth needs, mostly caused by list traffic), and HTML 
>causes problems with a significant number of my subscribers.
>Mike Nolan

Hmmm...  Good to know.

Is an attached GIF, which shows up as an inline graphic (for most people who
can receive attachments) considered HTML?

I may be mistaking the two terms -- especially for the fact that my email
software (Microsoft Outlook Express 4.01) has the feature to turn off HTML --
I'm hoping this means I can turn off an attached inline GIF?  Does this also
mean others can turn off attachments in GIF or JPG format if they have the
email HTML on/off feature?

The list in question is one that discusses CAD graphics -- stuff which I think
can be attached as small GIFs when needed for messages each about 10k to 20k
in size (compared to 1k to 5k for ASCII).  Is special setup needed for such a


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