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Subject: Re: Subject Prefix
From: Gary E Bickford <garyb @ mynext>
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 99 05:23:18 -0500
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
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From: "Bernie Cosell" <bernie @
 rev .
>On 28 Jun 99, at 21:09, Charles Bruce, Stewart wrote:
>> Sorting is immensely simplified by the use of subject prefixes.
>UGH.  I hate subject prefixes.  Could you explain what is made  
>better  by using subject prefixes rather than just selecting on

Gee, this takes me back - about 2 years ago I used the free version  
of Eudora which at that time didn't have filters.  The sun-managers  
list averaged (it seemed) about 250 messages a day, and the PHP  
list was nearly as busy.  PHP used subject prefix, sun-managers  
didn't.  I was fairly new on the sun-managers list, and I proposed  
adopting prefixes.  I was immediately and roundly flamed from all  
parts of the globe.  I've never again had such a vitriolic response  
to anything I've ever posted anywhere!

Nowadays it does seem that every mail client has at least some form  
of filters.  The only exception I can think of is folks, some of  
whom I know personally, whose email is pine on someone else's unix  
machine who don't have a way to install procmail (which let's admin  
ain't that much fun to set up the first time anyway).  So I  
sympathise, to an extent.  However, it's true there's prefix-lists  
and no-prefix lists, and both groups are pretty adamant about  
staying that way.

CBS, you're probably going to have to either find a client that  
does filters, or convince a friend (your ISP?) to run procmail and  
filter the prefix into the headers for you before forwarding the  
mail on to you.

Hmm, I might even consider building a procmail-based email-to-XML  
gateway and really impress the girls.


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