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Subject: Mass non-bulk mailing
From: Gary E Bickford <garyb @ mynext>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 99 20:21:57 -0500
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
Reply-to: garyb @ outlawnet . com

We're about to start a nightly custom mailing subscription service.  Each email will be constructed with information of interest to the subscriber based on the subscription and other information.  Total volume is projected at 100,000 emails per night.  The folks building the application are building the mail messages in Java & Oracle.  It will run on a Sparc E250.  It's already running, but I'd like to hear about any existing solutions in any case.

More interestingly, we're presently running Sendmail 8.9.x.  What kind of issues should I look at regarding the MTA?  The Java servlet/bean/whatever doesn't presently combine these and pass them to sendmail in batches - should it?  We have a 1MB/s guaranteed, 9MB/s max connection so I don't see a problem with overall bandwidth.

As an aside, I tried installing Post.Office but couldn't get it running.'s support site requires a license no, which our company has but their web site wouldn't accept it.  Their sales email never responded...  It took me a while to unwind it from the system but it's gone now.

One of the unheralded benefits of GNU is the increasingly elegant and simple installation and configuration process.  I think Autoconf is one of those quiet milestones in the software process.  Commercial unix software just never seems to have that - they wrap inelegant Wysiwyg wrappers around a messy, fragile adhoc package and install process that doesn't fit with each of the different architectures well.  They would be well advised to learn from the Force :O)


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