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Subject: Re: Mj2 Question
From: Info-LabVIEW List Maintainer <info-labview-request @ fsm-1 . pica . army . mil>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 99 23:09:48 EDT
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

>1. If you have web browsing capability, visit
>   <URL:>
>   and follow the instructions there.
>It'd be nice if it inserted a SPACE between "URL:" and "http:".  That way,
>people getting this response in Netscape email or another html-aware email
>client would only have to click on the response rather than having to cut
>and paste to a browser.  

Actually, that is a totally valid way of writing out a URL. You could look
it up.

In fact, I just option-clicked on it (Better Telnet 2.0fc1) and was sent to
exactly where I expected to be. I'd strongly suggest that you need to get
Netscape to fix their browser, if it does not work there.

		  Tom Coradeschi, Info-LabVIEW List Maintainer
		       <info-labview-owner @
 pica .
 army .

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