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Subject: Fwd:Re[2]: ML Documentation & Training
From: Doug_LaVerne @ ccmail . osti . gov
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 16:49 -0400 (EDT)
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . com

It is unfortunate that I placed "we went from 6c to 6d" next to "we have
problems" below. The two were not intended to sound related. Load on the
relevant Unix platform or setting up a lightly loaded platform is a problem,
perhaps the main problem, and something to be solved by Systems personnel--who
are themselves too loaded with even higher priorities; in any case, I am tasked
to find workarounds and solutions, potentially including training etc. in MLs
along the way.

Thanks in advance, DGL

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Subject:    Re: ML Documentation & Training
Author: tasos @
 boldfish .
Date:       99/08/18 4:00 PM

Doug_LaVerne @
 ccmail .
 osti .
 gov wrote:

> Does anyone know of sources of training in & documentation of Mailing Lists
> beyond the obvious? There's plenty of training in Java, Oracle, ERP, etc. etc.
> but what of ML? Is it the backwater it seems to be? General training in mail
> systems, at least UNIX mail systems, may also be needed.
> We recently went from (Listproc) 6.0c to 6.0d. We have problems with performan
> & undelivered messages.

you are probably missing something... 6.0d is only bug fixes...

> So far I have found only the O'Reilly book "Managing Mailing Lists", 3/1998,
> ISBN 1-56592-259-X, vendor/author documentation such as man pages & manuals, a
> listowner/admin discussion groups such as this.
> The O'Reilly book is a godsend, but in a way is intermediate to beginner and
> only mildly useful for real world problems. Vendor /author documentation and
> discussion groups are often hard to use for various reasons. What is needed is
> information that hits the ground running so the administrator can.
> Thanks in advance, D. LaVerne, USDOE/OSTI Mailing Lists Support & Admin.

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Subject: Re[2]: ML Documentation & Training

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