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(August 1999)

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Subject: Re: List-Managers-Digest V8 #155
From: Rtnmi @ aol . com
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 10:43:50 EDT
To: List-Managers @ greatcircle . com

Our thanks to the List manager and all those
who support this list. We expect it to be a 
real blessing to our ministry. We are very new to
running our own programs to run mailing lists.
We have been managing our mailing list from another
Internet Site that does the list for you. All we have to do
is goto the website and send a message.

However now in our search to find a program to run on
our Windows 95 operating system for us to have
more control over the environment that our members are
subjected to (by having our own mailing list program) we came
upon this list.

Looks as though there is a more official way of doing this
 through this thing called Majorodomo. But I just learned how
to spell PERL. So I am in need of much information.
Does anyone know if PERL will run on Windows 95.

Robert and Darla Autry
Authors and Founders
Revive The Nations Ministries International

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