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Subject: Re: Smart Bounce
From: Vince Sabio <vince-lists @ vjs . org>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 12:57:59 -0400
To: "Chris McEwen" <socrates @ sprintmail . com>, <list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM>, "MLA" <mailinglist-admin @ esosoft . com>
In-reply-to: <001201bef2e3$d7626380$2defbfa8 @ sarah>
References: <001201bef2e3$d7626380$2defbfa8 @ sarah>

** Sometime around 05:33 -0700 08/30/1999, Chris McEwen sent us:

I have a question on setting up Smart Bounce Lite. I just downloaded it and it
seems to be a great tool.

I am having a problem identifying a bounce file. I use Outlook Express to read
my mail (no need for the flames, please) and filter all my bounces to a
particular folder.

Q1: Can Smart Bounce use this "folder file" as is? It has an MBX extension
which I assume is a proprietary format.

Yes, it is a proprietary format, and the current version of SmartBounce
will not recognize it. The next revision, however, (i.e., v5.4) will
provide direct support for OE folders.

Q2A: If answer above is yes, is there a fast way to tell **which** of the 94
folders (numbered 1 through 94 of course) is the folder I want?

Not that I know of.

Q2B: If answer above is no, how would I go about generating a bounce file on a
recurring basis?

My personal recommendation is to use Eudora Lite. You can use OE for all
your personal mail, but use EL solely to download bounces from the POP
mailbox to which your bounces are routed. (I'm making some assumptions
here; you'll need to tailor to your particular setup.) Since Eudora's mbox
format is standard /bin/mail spool file, SmartBounce can process the
mailboxes directly. Another bonus: They're easy to find. <g>

Since this list is intended for meta-discussions of list ownership, and
not any particular software product or MLM, it would be best if questions
regarding SmartBounce were sent to me directly at <vsabio @
smartbounce .
Future queries about SB will be fielded off-list.


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    From: "Chris McEwen" <socrates @ sprintmail . com>
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