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Subject: Re: Servers altering email?
From: "David W. Tamkin" <dattier @ Mcs . Net>
Date: Mon, 4 Oct 1999 13:54:11 -0500 (CDT)
Cc: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <199910032345 . JAA21458 @ uq . net . au> from EDA Resource Centre at "Oct 4, 1999 09:46:25 am"

[Actually, "servers failing to alter email" is more like it.]

Stuart got a bounce from Prodigy that was remailed to his list's submission

| My list is sent out as BCCs and usually there is no problem, but I've had
| email going through to the list members with the body text altered with a
| message about a bad address:
| Here are some interesting headers (not mine):
| X-Mailer: T-Online eMail 2.3
| X-Sender: 08677911436-0001 @
 t-dialin .
| And here is the  offending little ditty being appended to the
| start of each message:
|  This is an auto generated response
|  Please Do Not Respond To This Message
| ------------------------------------------------
| Your e-mail message cannot be read at this time. The following address(es)
| are currently invalid.
|  semk03c @
 prodigy .
| ------------------------------------------------

| Would I be right is saying is doing this? I've isolated that
| address for now, but the list members are also getting multiple copies of
| the email. Any ideas?

Yes, you are right.  I had two bounces from Prodigy yesterday: one fine,
normal, came to the address I had used as the envelope sender, phrased as
an NDN.  The other was like yours: the envelope sender was changed to
postmaster @
 prodigy .
 com (or maybe .net), one more Received: header was added
for its trip back to my list's host, those same lines were inserted at the
top of the body except that the "currently invalid" address was different [of
course]; but all the other RFC822 headers were reused directly from the
post as it had left the list, and below that insertion the text was returned
flush left.  It was sent back to the list's submission address as found in
the To: header.  Stuart noticed two additional X- headers; I did not see them
on the bounce I got, so perhaps they were from the original submitter's mail
client and were on the post rather than having been added by Prodigy?

Since Prodigy is sending these back to the To: address, they are getting 
reposted to the list.  If your list allows open posting or uses From: to
verify that the poster is a member, this sort of thing will go right through
and everyone will get another copy of the post, this time as re-sent by
Prodigy's daemon with the extra text inserted, just as Stuart found.  Worse
yet would be the case of a digest issue, where Prodigy's daemon would spit
an entire digest back out at reflector readers.

This is highly unfriendly and, given the false From: and the return to To:
rather than to the envelope sender, completely in violation.  If you run an
unmoderated list and have any Prodigy users on it, especially in reflector
mode, I'd suggest putting in a loop detection filter for these.  It worked
for me.

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