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(March 2000)

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Subject: moderating a list with a cgi form
From: Kirez Korgan <kirez @ wetheliving . com>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 20:52:44 -0500
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

I'm hoping to use a form & to moderate one of my lists from a web site. This will enable me to allow a team of several people to stop at the web site and moderate the list whenever they have time --- viewing emails that are in the queue, then copy&pasting them into a form, and submitting them directly to the list, with the headers appropriately doctored for a moderated Majordomo 1.94 list.

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether the form can be manipulated so that it will submit a clean, properly formatted email. The body of the email needs to begin with the headers, as follows:

approved: PASSWORD
to: objectivism @
wetheliving .
from: Arthur D'Poste <listmember @
email .
Subject: I love my email list community

Blah blah blah blah blah.

...So the challenge is to get the form properly formatted. I've got the system set up to allow this moderation at -- I use MHonArc to archive my lists. The posts that are submitted to the list appear in the 'queue' in the top left frame, the form for submitting the posts is below it in the bottom left frame, and the 'output' to the moderated list appears in the right half frame. The frames can be resized to make it easier to deal with. Can a form submission have such a tailored format.... dispensing with the usual "The results of a form submission are as follows..." etc?

	Anyone with an answer or solution to this?


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