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(January 2001)

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Subject: Any list-managers also postmasters?
From: Strata Rose Chalup <strata @ virtual . net>
Organization: VirtualNet Consulting
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 12:02:22 -0800
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

Probably quite a few, I'd bet.  I'll keep this short and sweet, and
please accept my apologies if you've seen it on sage-members already.
I continue to be astonished that there isn't a "postmasters" list 
per se.  We plan to start one, though.  I've also set up a postmasters
resource area, still quite tiny so far, on 

If you are the postmaster for your organization, or are filling that 
role in addition to other duties, I would like to ask you to donate a
few minutes to fill out a survey.  If not, you can hit "d" now.  :-)


Brian Kerouac and I are working on a draft of the SAGE postmaster 
booklet.  We're also working on expanding the postmaster body of 
knowledge in general.

To the latter end, I've made a survey on one of the free websurvey sites.  
I'll be paying to upgrade it in a few days, but for now it can only
take 500 responses.  The results will be available to anyone, and
posted to the web with a copyleft or similar that keeps them freely
available to all.  

Taking the survey should only take a few minutes, and you don't
have to log in or register or anything like that.  Please give it a
try!  I passed it by the folks who were at the LISA Postmaster BOF,
and so far no complaints and a dozen or so folks have had a chance to
fill it out.  Time to widen the scope a little. 

Please feel free to pass the URL on to *individuals* who you know are
postmasters for sites, but please ask them not to pass it further, and
please don't send it to any other lists.  I'm still trying to unsnarl
a problem with the online method they have to pay to upgrade the 
survey, and it still has the 500 user cap. 

Thanks much,

PS- This is a volunteer undertaking, and is in no way funded by or
connected with SAGE or Usenix.  I will be making the results available
to those organizations, however, as well as everyone else.  :-)

Strata Rose Chalup [KF6NBZ]                      strata "@"
VirtualNet Consulting                  
 ** Project Management & Architecture for ISP/ASP Systems Integration **

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