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(October 2001)

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Subject: Re: Automated bounce recognition
From: Charlie Summers <charlie @ lofcom . com>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 10:21:01 -0400
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <90761 . 1003643288 @ monkeys . com>
References: Your message of Sat, 20 Oct 2001 22:51:10 -0400. <v03130300b7f7e625003d @ [63 . 15 . 103 . 221]>

At 1:48 AM -0400 10/21/2001, Ronald F. Guilmette is rumored to have typed:

> If you had mailed me via any one of UUnet's numerous well-secured mail
> servers, then no problem.
> Looking at today's mail servers logs however, I see that you tried to
> send mail here from some mail server belonging to the mystery domain
> `'.

   I was specifically instructed by the provider (reseller) of this
$11.95/month  cheapie dialup account (might explain mole spam, come to
think of it) to use that server for outbound mail, and so I am. Since I'll
only need this dialup another week or so, and you are the _only_ admin
rejecting this server that I've run across (and, frankly, if you don't get
my mail there's not much loss for either of us), I'm not real concerned
about it.

   You did, however, misunderstand my comment. You are certainly welcomed
to block any server you want, for any reason you want (I reject connections
from some servers just because I got weary of the garbage coming from some
users). My comment was directed more to the other subscribers, to let them
know why I was using the list to send comments more appropriate to private
email than the list. Like this one.

         Charlie (who thinks port 25 blocking ONLY hurts legitimate users;
                   my spam load hasn't dropped a whit since the big boys
                   implimented it, but I can't use my own secured server
                   to send mail while on the road)

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