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Subject: Re: List-ID-savvy clients, redux
From: J C Lawrence <claw @ kanga . nu>
Date: Sat, 01 Dec 2001 11:51:05 -0800
To: "Bernie Cosell" <bernie @ fantasyfarm . com>
Cc: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: Message from "Bernie Cosell" <bernie @ fantasyfarm . com> of "Sat, 01 Dec 2001 08:38:23 EST." <200112011338 . fB1DcbD09068 @ mail . rev . net>
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On Sat, 1 Dec 2001 08:38:23 -0500 
Bernie Cosell <bernie @
 fantasyfarm .
 com> wrote:

> And so I think that we're just nowhere near the time to be able to
> talk about actually *USING* those headers in any serious way for
> real-world mailing lists, wouldn't you say?  As was pointed out,
> LOTS of folk use MUAs that can't even _filter_ on those headers,
> much less actually *support* them as they were intended...

Even Qualcomm, who were active/significant participants in the
development of RFC 2369, don't support it in Eudora (which shouldn't
come as a surprise).

More simply on the mail filtering side for commercially developed
MUAs, there's very little reason for the to do the work.  It adds
considerable UI complexity, considerable QA time/complexity,
considerable tech support and documentation overhead, and all for a
feature that less than 0.1% of their users will ever use, let alone

Now what would be interesting would be an MU which by *DEFAULT*
auto-created folders and filterd list messages into them based on
the values of RFC 2369 headers, X-Mailing-List, etc.  An MUA that
attempted to do it all for you, out of the box, but then also let
you diddle it if/as needed.

And yes, this is of course trivial to do under procmail.

J C Lawrence                
---------(*)                Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas. 
claw @
 kanga .
 nu               He lived as a devil, eh?  Evil is a name of a foeman, as I live.

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