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(December 2001)

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Subject: Re: List-ID: (was: subscriber address in To: field)
From: "Larry Olin Horn" <hornlo @ lohnet . org>
Organization: LOHnet
Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2001 18:19:38 -0600
To: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <200112010006 . fB106FD03414 @ mail . rev . net>
References: <v04220805b82db7e6e7f8 @ [164 . 122 . 30 . 131]>
Reply-to: Larry Olin Horn <hornlo @ lohnet . org>

> [and indeed, I do for several lists I'm on] but I haven't seen a mail 
> agent that has a 'followup' button [or even fancier, and "unsubscribe me" 
> button that automatically uses the List-unsubscribe: stuff...]

Pegasus Mail (Windows) has for quite some time supported the List-
Subscribe, List-Unsubscribe, and List-Help headers.  Click on the 
"subscription options" item (conveniently located at the top of the 
message) and a dialog pops up with buttons for sub/unsub/help.

I use its regex filtering on List-Id to move list messages to folders.

'Reply' supports several options (unfortunately not configurable per list)
which you can set as default or have it remember your most recent choice.  


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