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Subject: Re: e-postage again
From: "John R Levine" <johnl @ iecc . com>
Date: 19 May 2002 22:48:14 -0400
To: "Chuq Von Rospach" <chuqui @ plaidworks . com>
Cc: "list-managers" <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>
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> > Not necessarily. The issue is accountability.
> Then you're not talking about micropayments or some kind of cash system, but
> authentication.  It's not an economic thing, but an identification
> guarantee.  Which is an entirely different set of problems, but at least the
> bank regulators can stay out of it.

Maybe, maybe not.  Banks have spent a lot of time dealing with questions
related to a) are you who you say you are, and b) once we know who you
are, do we want to do business with you?  Again, this is something they
know more about than we do, and I wouldn't dismiss their hard-won
expertise, old-fashioned though it might seem.

I think this particular line of inquiry might lead to reinventing the
credit bureau.  We already have those.  Once that rated potential ISP
customers, the way that regular credit bureaus rate potential bank
customers, might not be a bad idea.

John Levine, johnl @
 iecc .
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