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Subject: Re: Charge?
From: kirk Bailey <idiot1 @ netzero . net>
Organization: Silas Dent Memorial Cabal of ERIS Esoteric and hot Dog Boiling Society(fnord)!
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 23:14:46 -0400
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Amy Stinson wrote:
> Back in the days before the internet became so accessible to us common folk,
> companies like Prodigy and Compuserve gave people an email allowance.  Any
> email after that was charged to the account.  Is that totally impractical with today's
> technology?  Some companies charged by bandwidth used, which some do even
> now for web sites. Why would that not be feasible?
This last may have some promise. Bandwidth charges for email, with a
monthly allowance, would
be a step in teh right direction.

> Would the internet get more expensive.  For some.  But is it really fair for someone
> with a $69 DSL account to dump 1,000,000,000 emails on some other person's
> hardware and also have another person have to deal with the cleanup when mail
> bounces to the non-existent account?
No, it is not. More use should equal more cost.
> Cheap access, free accounts, anonymity is the problem.  Why do free email
> accounts exist?  Even a small amount of money passing through hands gives a
> modicum of accountability.  That alone could eliminate over 50% of SPAM.
Hmmm, the next item is my personal approach- we snail mail passwords
to people. Go ahead, lie to me. Neve get the password.
> China's screaming because so many people block the whole country, but very few of
> us are willing to go up against someone like YAHOO and just block them when we all
> know darned good and well that a bunch of spam would stop.  What is it with us?
> How many of you are dependent on YAHOO?  Most of us were running lists before
> YAHOO ever got into the picture (and perhaps after they're gone).  Yahoo is nothing
> but a pain in the butt yet everyone treats it like it's some sort of sacred cow.
But so many people are in there totally innocent of spam- it is their
marketing push to send out
millions of CD's with a month or so free, so spammers go and sign up
and give bogus data- and
then abandon the account. Suggestion: Check account or credit card,
charge $1 for first month, and
a $500 fee authorized if they spam.

> Here in Indiana we have a state wide do not call list.  I cannot tell you what a relief it
> has been to finally feel like my phone that I pay for is for my use again and not be at
> the beck and call of every freakin' telemarketer that felt it was their right to intrude at
> their convenience.  I would like to have that for my email as well and reclaim the hour
> or two everyday that is spent dealing with that intrusion.
A national do not spam email list? Hmmm, I like the flavor, let's do
We can set up a site, anyone can go there, place their email on the
list, and we let merchants
and advertising firms download that list for free, off the web. Anyone
want to purchase a domain name
for the cause?

> Amy Stinson

			 Kirk D Bailey

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