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Subject: for anti-span tools
From: kim brooks wei <kimi @ kimbwei . com>
Date: Mon, 20 May 2002 02:03:02 -0400
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com

How about this, then?

I've registered a website, which is available for a
collaborative effort on building some spam-blocking tools.

Maybe (some of) the following ideas will work:

A website run by a group of interested parties which houses a
block-spam database which is updated on a regular basis.
     The database contains three lists: private servers delivering
spam mail, multi-user servers allowing their servers to be used for
spam mail and a list of ISPs and web(/mail)hosts that provide public
service and voluntarily participate in the DATABASE
     Facilitation is provided to participating ISPs/mail hosts who
wish to block mail from the sites listed, for keeping their filters
     Acess to the databases is by password, obviously.
     Spam must be proven before servers are listed.
     And naturally, tips to users on how to take steps to eradicate
spam with links to all the good anti-spam sites that are out there

Part 1	An ISP or mail host publishes a statement to its users that
all mail from the addresses at will be filtered and
blocked as undeliverable. Corrections or reports should be addressed
directly to the site.
Part 2	Any group or individual which sends out a mass (needs to be
defined) mailing must cc his SMTP host (or a mutually agreed upon,
third-party entity) with a copy of the email and receive (retroactive
is OK) approval on the mailing. ISPs will investigate any mass
mailings not following this procedure with an eye to blocking the
outgoing mail privileges of mail that was sent out as spam.

Mail that is sent out from a yahoo-groups address will be relayed on
to those requesting to receive it. Other Yahoo mail (or mail from any
heavy facilitators of spam mail) might be returned with a message
like this,  "due to Yahoo proliferating too much spam, users of this
service have requested that mail from Yahoo addresses be returned
unread." Instructions could be provided on how to obtain an email
address with a more responsible provider.

.... gotta get Energizer b a t t e r  i   e    s .   .   .   n  o
m  o r  e    p     o     w      e     r

Please be well.

Kim Brooks Wei    ?    P O Box 626 ? Fair Lawn ? NJ  07410   ?    V

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