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Subject: Re: for anti-span tools
From: kirk Bailey <idiot1 @ netzero . net>
Organization: Silas Dent Memorial Cabal of ERIS Esoteric and hot Dog Boiling Society(fnord)!
Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 00:06:55 -0400
To: kim brooks wei <kimi @ kimbwei . com>
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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Say, is not on the web. What gives?

kim brooks wei wrote:
> How about this, then?
> I've registered a website, which is available for a
> collaborative effort on building some spam-blocking tools.
> Maybe (some of) the following ideas will work:
> A website run by a group of interested parties which houses a
> block-spam database which is updated on a regular basis.
>       The database contains three lists: private servers delivering
> spam mail, multi-user servers allowing their servers to be used for
> spam mail and a list of ISPs and web(/mail)hosts that provide public
> service and voluntarily participate in the DATABASE
> program.
>       Facilitation is provided to participating ISPs/mail hosts who
> wish to block mail from the sites listed, for keeping their filters
> up-to-date.
>       Acess to the databases is by password, obviously.
>       Spam must be proven before servers are listed.
>       And naturally, tips to users on how to take steps to eradicate
> spam with links to all the good anti-spam sites that are out there
> today.
> Part 1  An ISP or mail host publishes a statement to its users that
> all mail from the addresses at will be filtered and
> blocked as undeliverable. Corrections or reports should be addressed
> directly to the site.
> Part 2  Any group or individual which sends out a mass (needs to be
> defined) mailing must cc his SMTP host (or a mutually agreed upon,
> third-party entity) with a copy of the email and receive (retroactive
> is OK) approval on the mailing. ISPs will investigate any mass
> mailings not following this procedure with an eye to blocking the
> outgoing mail privileges of mail that was sent out as spam.
> Mail that is sent out from a yahoo-groups address will be relayed on
> to those requesting to receive it. Other Yahoo mail (or mail from any
> heavy facilitators of spam mail) might be returned with a message
> like this,  "due to Yahoo proliferating too much spam, users of this
> service have requested that mail from Yahoo addresses be returned
> unread." Instructions could be provided on how to obtain an email
> address with a more responsible provider.
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> Kim
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> Please be well.
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