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Subject: On learning computers
From: JC Dill <inet-list @ vo . cnchost . com>
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 07:50:56 -0700
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On 12:35 AM 7/5/02, Thomas Gramstad wrote:
>That's a learned behavior, inculcated by Microsoft commercials.
>In all other areas of life than computers, people understand that
>a minimum of effort is necessary in order to learn to use a new
>tool.  It's not necessary to be a car mechanic to own and drive a
>car, but it's necessary to learn and understand the pedals, the
>steering wheel, and where/how to inject gasoline.  It doesn't hurt
>to know how to change oil, or how to change tyres either.  But
>with computers, a much more complex tool, people have been told
>repeatedly that they don't even have to know the basics, the
>equivalents of pedals and steering wheel.  And that's when and
>why accidents happen.

That's a really poor analogy. When learning to use a computer, they learn to use a keyboard, mouse, floppy or CD drive, etc. That clearly compares to learning about the pedals and steering wheel.

What they do NOT learn are the "rules of the road". Todays computer users know how to operate the tool (the computer) but not how to do it safely and politely. Many of today's virus problems can be seen a accidents or pileups caused by poor driving *habits*.


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