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Subject: Re: MUA elitism
From: "Roger B.A. Klorese" <rogerk @ queernet . org>
Date: Fri, 05 Jul 2002 09:54:24 -0700
To: Tom Neff <tneff @ grassyhill . net>
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Tom Neff wrote:
While we divagate in "ChatNook2" or whatever, people are starting lists on Evinrude maintenance and Harry Potter trivia and house concerts and wireless router programming etc -- which we naturally have nothing to do with unless our topic interests match.

But it's far more prevalent today for a list on Harry Potter trivia not to feature nearly 100% Harry Potter trivia, but rather, discussion of nearly any sort betwen people who have espoused an interest in Harry Potter trivia.

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From: "Roger B.A. Klorese" <rogerk @ queernet . org>
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