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Subject: Re: The role of the mailing list
From: Tom Neff <tneff @ grassyhill . net>
Organization: Grassy Hill Entertainment
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 20:10:22 -0400
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
In-reply-to: <5154 . 1026512078 @ kanga . nu>
References: <5154 . 1026512078 @ kanga . nu>
Reply-to: tneff @ grassyhill . org

--On Friday, July 12, 2002 3:14 PM -0700 J C Lawrence <claw @
kanga .
nu> wrote:
A couple points:

  1) 1153 doesn't specify header trimming.

Given that 1153 digests don't mandate header trimming... [etc]

From :

	Each enclosed message is a conventional message consisting of a
	header and  body, separated by a blank line.  If they exist in the
	original message  header, the following lines must be retained
	as-is in the reconstructed  header: Date:, From:, To:, Cc:,
	Subject:, Message-ID:, and Keywords:,  rearranged to appear in that
	order. Retaining the Summary: line is  optional.  Lines include
	continuation lines as defined in the RFCs.  All other header lines
	should be discarded, especially Received lines.  All  leading and
	trailing blank lines should be removed from the message body.  The
	message body may be scanned to replace with a blank the first
	character  of any lines of exactly and only 30 hyphens.

"1153 Got It Right"(tm)

The one thing I wish my mail client gave me - if I do a web based one
of my own some day I will hack this in - is the ability to roll along
reading that honest text digest, and reply to the list OR an
individual poster (a couple of buttons in the subheader would do it)
without breaking stride.

Yup.  Several MUAs do that.

Great!  What's an example of one?

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