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(July 2002)

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Subject: Another AOL issue
From: Sharon Tucci <Sharon @ listhost . net>
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 04:33:44 -0400
To: list-managers <list-managers @ greatcircle . com>

Read through the background information before you jump to conclusions.

We have a list owner with 2 large lists with us. All together about 5,000 subscribers on AOL. About a month ago, all email to AOL users seemed to drop.

Anyhow, after he alerted us to the problem.... we did a mailing with no problem. We then did a cleanup of all soft bouncing AOL addresses. One day, he was able to send his email went through fine to at least those emails we monitor and then the next day all mail was dropped again.

We went back and did the same thing -- no difficulty with mailing.

But for some reason, the list owner was continuing to have problems. We have other lists hosted on the same server that have a greater number of AOL users with no problems.

*We* have been able to send out messages to the list with no problems.

I was baffled.... we've contacted AOL and they've been of no help. They have assured us that the server is not blocked and they seem to not be able to provide us with any further information.

Now this recent thread has me wondering. This list owner uses AOL to connect to the Internet, but sends out his email from an email address under his own domain. That's where replies go to as well. I checked back our logs and saw that the one time he was able to mail, he didn't do it through his AOL account.

Might it be possible that AOL is started to drop what they may perceive as "relayed" mail originating from AOL dial-up and going to AOL users but not showing a valid AOL address in the header information?

When we contacted AOL, we did mention that it is an AOL user that is having difficulties - so they were aware of this.

What I find interesting is that we do have other AOL list owners that post to their lists from their own domains, yet they have no problems. We do not, however, have any AOL customers using this specific platform with that many AOL subscribers. So I'm wondering if it might also be a combination of the number of recipients with the origin IP address.

If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear about it :)


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