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Subject: Re: AOL blocks mailing list
From: Loek Jehee <loekjehe @ xs4all . nl>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:44:47 +0100
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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Thank you everybody for your support and your information.
Here follows an update on my actions to try to get my
mailing list unblocked by AOL.

I have sent a large message to the postmasters of AOL and
Compuserve (it seems that these two somehow are linked)
explaining the nature of my mailing list etc (see the message
below). Furthermore, I decided to inform the AOL subscribers
individually from another Email address which is not hosted
on the same server as the mailing list. Indeed it seems that
the subscribers didn't receive any of my prior messages to
them, so indeed I am banned. It is good to know that I can
reach them now using my other Email account. I am getting really
paranoia now, so I sent each of the 59 subsribers a separate
mail (I didn't want to Bcc them) and I sent each mail with an
interval of one minute, just to avoid any possibility that they
might think this is "yet another of my spams"....

I received confirmation from some subscribers that indeed they
didn't receive my earlier messages and they now wrote
Emails of complaint to the postmaster urging AOL to
"whitelist" my mailing list and threatening them to quit their
account. This might help. Let's wait and see. I didn't get
any reply from AOL on my message so far.

I am very much afraid that the recent Klesh type viruses
could soon create a situation in which all mailing lists will be
banned from large mail servers because we - as their
administrators - (and the Email address of the list itself)
will definitely exist in thousands of address books so the
chance that our address will be abused by a virus on an
affected computer is extremely high.

This might become the end of the phenomenon "mailing list".



To: domains @
aol .
net, postmaster @
aol .
net, postmaster @
aol .
com, postmaster @
cs .
From: Loek Jehee <loekjehe @
xs4all .
Subject: Please unblock Norbunet mailing list

Dear Postmasters and administrators,

I sincerely request you hereby to "whitelist" Email coming from
Norbunet @
xs4all .
nl or from my abovementioned Email address
loekjehe @
xs4all .
nl .
 Recently I received many complaints that AOL
subscribers and some Compuserve subscribers are not able to
receive Email coming from my Email address or from Norbunet

I am the administrator of an international Buddhist mailing list,
called "Norbunet", that since over five years has been distributing
Buddhist content to over 1100 subscribers which all are practitioners
of Tibetan Buddhism. This mailing list is a source of daily
inspiration and information to the subscribers. For some subscribers
that live in remote areas it is often their only source of
information on Buddhist events.

Norbunet is a free and strictly moderated mailing list. It is a
closed list intended for Buddhist practitioners of the Dzogchen
lineage of Tibetan Buddhism only, or to those who are seriously
interested in this and subscription is possible with my manual approval
only. The list only forwards messages in plain ascii text format, and
it is not possible to forward binary attachments to the list.

Recently on the Internet there are more and more problems caused by
abuse, like spam and viruses. Especially the recent Klesh worm is
very troubling for mailing list administrators like myself, since my
Email address will be in many address books of affected computers of
subscribers. Hence there is a great chance that Email containing a
virus is distributed which contains (parts of) the name of my Email
address. You will understand that these messages in fact have nothing
to do with me nor with the mailing list that I administer.

All this will be very familiar to you and it is a very troubling

It seems that you have blocked Email coming from Norbunet and/or my
Email address. Please unblock this and whitelist these addresses.
Thank you. I will inform the subscribers on any developments and
I respectfully await your response.

Kind regards,

Loek Jehee
- Norbunet administrator -

Email: 	loekjehe @
xs4all .

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