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Subject: Re: Check out AOL Users Missing Email??
From: Al Iverson <iverson @ mnjazz . com>
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 13:43:13 -0600
Cc: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
References: <3E353648 . 4708 . DD7366 @ localhost>

Bernie Cosell wrote:
> On 27 Jan 2003 at 19:11, Loek Jehee wrote:
> > Below you find an excellent mail from another of their victims that
> > is and stays blocked. It is sent to me from one of my AOL subscribers.
> Turns out that we're suffering from a similar problem [although we're not
> blackklisted with AOL we are on one or another RBLs] --- Apparently some time
> in the past QWest delegated our Class-C to someone who seems to have run afoul
> of some spam-vigilante [at this point, there's no way even to figure out which
> previous owner of the IP block caused the problem, nor whether there was any
> merit to the now long-out-of-date action].
> The person at was lucky: we still have had no luck [after three
> weeks now] even getting a reply from the RBL folk, much less make any progress
> on getting things fixed up.  This has nothing to do with AOL's policies, of
> course, but it is one of the problems with handling spamming by arbitrarily
> blocking IP subnets [not to mention that that action is a violation of protocl
> [cf RFC 2821/4.5.1]]

My experience with AOL and mailblocking has been positive; whenever
there was an issue with our mail being delivered to AOL users resolving
it was fairly easy. I imagine that one could get caught in the middle if
your list mail is being silently eaten but the mailserver it is sent
from isn't under your control. In that situation, time to get whoever's
in charge of that server to call AOL's NIC contact phone number.

Al Iverson
PS - Hi. :-)
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