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Subject: Re: Posting style filters?
From: Charlie Summers <charlie @ lofcom . com>
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 20:01:01 -0500
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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At 7:40 PM -0500 11/23/05, lee typed:

> However do you really feel that top-posting is a technique which is bad
> enough to warrant being bounced?

   Absolutely. Top-posting never did make a lick of sense. It encourages
quoting entire messages (including signatures, footers, etc., etc.) and
_discourages_ quoting for context only.

> Or indeed 'too much' quoting?

   Lord yes. Over-quoting is the bane of modern maling lists; lok at your
message,. We all just read Roger's mail, yet you (or more accurately, your
email client) somehow thought it a good idea to repeat it in its entirety to
the entire list.

   Again, makes no sense, and wastes bandwidth. In this reply, I _only_ quote
what is relevant to my responses, and no more. The "Q/A" format is easier to
comprehend, and indeed was THE standard until Microsloth decided with the
release of Outlook Express many moons ago to encourage sloppiness. (I have
often wondered if this was just another example of an intentional change to
convention to show everyone who was boss...)

> If one or more readers don't personally like an email to be structured
> in such a way, and actively object to it, I would feel they are petty

   You'd really hate my lists as a poster, since the _maintainer_ objects to
such nonsense and enforces good netiquette. Of course, the vast majority of
subscribers who are readers and _not_ posters appreciate it, since the s/n
ratio and comprehendibility is much higher than seeing forwards of signatures
of forwards of footers of...

   To answer the original question, I know there are a bunch of recipies for
SmartList (the mailing list manager built on top of procmail) floating around
to do things like this, but I haven't seen anything for the so-called
"modern" (read: web-configured because people no longer know how to use
special header fields) systems.

         Charlie (who's got a cold and is cranky)

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