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Subject: Re: Posting style filters?
From: Jim Osborn <jimo @ eskimo . com>
Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 21:55:49 -0800
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On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at  3:50:01AM +0000, lee wrote:
> By the way, does anyone use a MLM which 'threads' in a digest? ie
> sequencing by virtue of subject title. This would make following a
> thread easier but of course still excessively cluttered. 

Um, threading, as I understand it, is accomplished by the sequence of
replies that form the "thread." As email messages are uniquely
identified by the Message-ID: header field, the sequence of the MIDs
that comprise the thread is used by one's email client to display the
thread (including any sub-threads).  Well-behaved email clients, when
replying, will use the MID of the mail being replied to to make an
In-Reply-To: header, and will add that MID to the running list of
prior MIDs kept in the References: header.  The In-Reply-To: and
References: headers give the client all the info it needs to display
threads properly.  The Subject fields can be used if all else is
missing, but since the Subject often changes in the course of a
thread, it's a poor field to rely on.  I think the RFC that deals
with this is 2822. 

Obviously, some email clients are not as well behaved as others.

> I'm assuming 'digest threading' isn't generally performed by mlm's, or 
> maybe just the ones I've used don't do it ... ?

The MLM I use, Smartlist, preserves the MIDs, but not the In-Reply-To
or References headers on the digest articles, which is too bad.  If
they were preserved, at least the info would be there for a clever client.

> Jim Osborn wrote:
> > I chose to roll my own procmail-based filters, not to bounce 
> > submissions but to clean up the distributions, and I apply those 
> > filters just to my digest. 
> Jim, how do you apply the filters to only the digest?

Nothing to it; I simply add the appropriate procmail recipes to
my list's digest rc.local.s10 file.

> Just curious, as I'm assuming you wouldn't have a separate pipe in
> place to feed just the digester processing ... presumably you've
> hacked your mlm and integrated your filters into its digest
> processing?

No hacking at all by me, just a stock Smartlist setup.



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