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(December 2005)

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Subject: Sudden reappearance of an old address subscription on several unrelated lists.
From: JC Dill <lists05 @ equinephotoart . com>
Date: Wed, 07 Dec 2005 14:20:18 -0800
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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In early 2005 I changed all my mailing list subscriptions from an address of lists04@ to lists05 @
(This is a process I'll repeat next month. I do this to reduce receiving spam sent from trojan/virus infected computers of my fellow list subscribers, and due to when a list subscription address is leaked out onto the web and scarfed by a spammer bot, both unfortunately common occurrences these days.)

Yesterday a list hosted on LISTSERV @
EDU suddenly started sending me duplicate posts. The headers revealed that I was getting one message sent to the old lists04 address and one sent to the new lists05 address.

By itself this just looks like a problem on one server. But then a different list hosted on LISTSERV.DARTMOUTH.EDU started doing it, and another list on MAJORDOMO @
EDU started doing it today. Three different institutions (INDIANA.EDU, DARTMOUTH.EDU, and MERIT.EDU) running two different MLMs (LISTSERV and MAJORDOMO) created this problem on 3 different lists.

This is not a case of the lists04 address suddenly resurfacing as one of the list managers suggested was the cause. That address has been getting email (100% spam) all along, 73 spams in the trash box over the past 5 days (since I last scanned and emptied it). The only reason I saw the duplicate list email is that I have whitelist filters for my mailing lists before my spam filters and lists04 is used as a spam filter.

These lists are managed by people who typically just remove the problem address rather than look deeper at the cause of why this happened. So... I was wondering if any other list managers have seen this happen with their lists in the past or in recent days? Or if anyone has any suggestions where to look for the source of this problem?



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