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(October 1995)

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Subject: Magazine subscription junk mail
From: Wes Morgan <morgan @ engr . uky . edu>
Date: Mon, 9 Oct 1995 07:48:33 -0400
To: postmaster @ abacus . net, postmaster @ ixc . net
Cc: abacus @ abacus . net, susie @ ixc . net

[ This message has been sent to:                   ]
[       postmaster @
 abacus .
 net, postmaster @
 ixc .
 net, ]
[       abacus @
 abacus .
 net, susie @
 ixc .
 net, and      ]
[       another mailing list.                      ]

The ipsc-managers mailing list is dedicated to discussion of the Intel
iPSC parallel supercomputer line.  As you might imagine, junk email is
not welcome in our discussions.  The user abacus @
 abacus .
 net dispatched
a 1300-line piece of junk mail to the ipsc-managers list this weekend,
selling a subscription service on behalf of susie @
 ixc .
 net .

I find this blatant disregard of common courtesy appalling.  Samantha
and Susie - please refrain from doing this sort of unwelcome adverti-
sing in the future.  Postmasters - please provide Samantha and Susie
with some assistance in finding the *proper* places for their sales
pitches.  I recommend the biz.* hierarchy of Usenet and the various
"for sale" mailing lists and newsgroups.

Take it somewhere else...please?

Wes Morgan

>Hi fellow 'netters,
>My name is Samantha Jerrings and I recently started using a magazine
>subscription club in the USA that has a FREE 1 yr. magazine subscription
>deal with your first paid order- and I have been very pleased with them.
>They have over 1,500 different USA titles that they can ship to any country
>on a subscription basis.   As for computer magazines from the USA, they
>more of a selection than I ever knew even existed.  They have magazines for
>most every area of interest in their list of 1,500 titles.
>Please do not email me as I am just a happy customer and a *busy* student.
>I don't have time to even complete my thesis in time, let alone run my
>part-time software business!  Email them directly at:       susie @
 ixc .
>ps.  please forward a copy of this message to all your friends on the net
>who you think might be interested in it!  It is a great deal!  If you join
>and then they join after you, you will earn a free 1 yr. subscription for
>each new person you get to join after you join!

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