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(October 1995)

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Subject: Re: Mailinglist spamming countermeasures
From: scs @ lokkur . dexter . mi . us (Steve Simmons)
Organization: Inland Sea
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 95 01:56:55 GMT
Apparently-to: list-managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Distribution: local
Newsgroups: local.list-managers
References: <199510241710 . LAA16652 @ kitsune . swcp . com>

Paul Vixie, keeper of the bind list and others, took an interesting
approach to spamming.  He notified the list members of his actions with
the following note:


Re: >*** ===>> World's *Cheapest* Way to get USA Magazine Subscription

In case anyone wonders, my reply was as follows:

|[gw.home:i386] sendfax -d 'Spam King @
 +1 .
 718 .
 967 .
 1550' -D -R
|Mass marketing on Internet bears a heavy cost.  You are evidently unaware
|that my mailing list has a fixed charge of US$1,000.00 per unsolicited
|off-topic posting.  You may indicate your willingness to pay that rate by
|sending another unsolicited off-topic posting to any of the mailing lists
|run from my host.
|Paul Vixie
|FAX +1 415 747 0106
|request id is 89 (group id 170) for host gw (1 file)

I want my internet back.

Paul ("Trapped In A World He Never Made") Vixie
Paul Vixie
La Honda, CA                    "Illegitimibus non carborundum."
<paul @
 vix .


I strongly approve, and am adopting this policy for my own lists.

` . . . I'm a sysadmin, with an admitted preference for things I can
reboot over things I have to negotiate with . . . '
		Mike Shaver (shaver @
 neon .
 ingenia .

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