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Subject: Re: NT listserve
From: Gordon Burns <gordon @ silverquick . com>
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 1998 21:49:50 +0000
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
Cc: Claire @ siberia . demon . co . uk

At 19:08 19/02/98 +0000 Claire McNab said....
>On  9 Feb 98 at 7:25, Gordon Burns wrote:
>> You could try NtList part of the NT Mail suite.
>> We run many lists including a 1000 member 100 messages a day list
>> as well as 350,000 weekly newsletter using NTList.
>I have been a list admin for lists hosted on NTList on a remote site.
>In general it sems quite efficient at turning mail around, but 
>featurewise, I hink it's diaboloical, and I'd strongly recommend 
>ppl to keep clear of it.
>Limitations include: no NOMAIL mode, no filtering of duplicate
>messages or administrivia, no subscription confirmation procedure,
>switching from MAIL to DIGEST mode needs admin approval on non-open
>lists, etc. [There are more: that's just the start...]

I think Claire is answering a different question than the one I was
attempting address, although it was some time ago so I may have
misunderstood the question. 

The original question was I think from someone who wanted to
purchase list software for NT to run on his own machine and not
someone who wanted to adminster lists hosted remotely on a machine
owned by another and running NTList.

I would agree with Claire that if you are a list owner and want to
administer a list hosted on a Ntlist server then the remote control
is not as comprehensive as others.   Remote mail admin will I
believe be improved dramatically in the release of the new version. 

Both of the examples I mentioned in my answer are run on a remote
machine, but it is OUR machine.  I can therefore do anything I need
to do as if the machine was on my desktop.

The lists we run are critical for our clients and we offer and
charge a commercial rate we handle all list admin (they certainly
do not want to) and allow the software to perform a reliable high
speed efficient delivery. 
NT List performs this superbly.  If the original question was put
by someone isn a similar position I would recommend he consider
NTList which is all I was trying to say.

I can only speak with the experience and the two examples I gave
were two of many, I choose those one for a large number and one of
frequency.  The largest newsletter is growing at approx 1000 per
day and NT List handles all the subscription processing.

Just wanted to ensure that we were clear about what we were both
saying here. I certainly do not want to get into a battle over what
software is best.  We all have different needs in different
circumstances. NtList is great for ours thats all. 



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