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Subject: Re: Prices for advertising.
From: "Anthony J. Albert" <albert @ polaris . umpi . maine . edu>
Organization: University of Maine at PI
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 1999 08:23:39 -0500
To: List-Managers @ GreatCircle . COM
In-reply-to: <199901280730 . XAA18718 @ honor . greatcircle . com>

On 27 Jan 99, at 23:30, List-Managers-Digest wrote:
>Date: Wed, 27 Jan 1999 22:30:37 +0900
>From: Leif Gregory <ldgregory @
 biogate .
>Subject: Prices for advertising.
>Hello fellow List-managers,
>I publish the VBOK e-zine on a monthly basis to a little over 1100
>subscribers. I've decided to allow advertisements in my newsletter,
>but I really have no idea on what to charge.
>I have four offers for advertisements, but I just don't know how much
>to charge.

Well, the little I know about running a publishing business says 
that you should at least try to cover your costs from your 
advertisers.  So, figure out what you spend on this newsletter, per 
month, and then divide that by the number of advertisers, to find out 
how much to charge them.

If you are doing this on a voluntary (i.e. "non-profit") basis, already, 
then if I were you, I wouldn't count my time as part of the costs to 
you.  But if you see this as a profit-making enterprise, then you 
need to include your time, at a fair wage, as part of the costs of 
production.  (I listened to a long article on public radio a little while 
back, on why many small businesses do well at first, but then go 
under, and not allowing for labor costs from the start was one 

Re: your stress on *permanently* stored ads - National Geographic 
and other print magazines have ads, and those magazines are 
archived more-or-less permanently in many prominent institutions, 
so I'm not sure that you should figure on additional fees on that 

Anthony J. Albert

Anthony J. Albert                albert @
 polaris .
 umpi .
 maine .
Systems and Software Support Specialist           Postmaster
Computer Services - University of Maine, Presque Isle

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        will be last Tuesday.

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