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Subject: Good taste
From: dbsmith @ atbbs . com (David B. Smith)
Organization: American Tune BBS * Ypsilanti Twp MI
Date: 28 Jan 99 21:13:04 -0500
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
>received: by (0.99.970109) id AA03603; 29 Jan 99 06:28:58 -0500

Had a potential subscriber to my DEATHLAW list send me a tough question:

AH>My dad - when he's lucid - occassionally comes up with a funny joke about
AH>his condition.

AH>Can I post jokes about death on the list?

On the one hand, it'd be in kinda poor taste, as well as only marginally
on-topic to a discussion about Law and Death.  On the other hand...
well, I gotta consider the source.  Gotta make allowances for the input
of a dying person to any discussion related to death.

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