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Subject: Re: Spam Police
From: Tim Bowden <tcbowden @ clovis . nerdnosh . org>
Organization: NERDNOSH - the story continues...
Date: Sat, 30 Jan 99 20:05:36 PST
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Kyle <kyle @
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 gov> writes:

> And, lest we forget, the right to free speech only guarantees that the
> government won't pass laws or take actions to directly inhibit your ability
> to express an opinion.  That means the government won't interfere with you
> right to say what you want, but it doesn't mean others can't decide to
> limit what things they wish to hear/read.  At least in this country.

Which country is this?

Mission creep has allowed the prospect of the First Amendment in the US
to seep down so that practically any entity is bound and must abide by
it.  The strangest was the holding by the Supremes that a mall, an
enclosed parcel of private enterprise, must open up for pamphleteers.
Your local shopping emporium does not have the right to refuse
admittance to the tedious bands of puplic spammers with their wretched

For the time being, I hold my own forum as a private garden party, and
we laugh when some youngster blusters in spouting his right to produce
whatever his wit will allow and our corrolary obligation to carry it.
But I wonder what's coming.  AOL is also a private entity, and yet the
judges seem to take seriously anyone's right to broadcast through their

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