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Subject: Re: wo'hoppen?
From: Tim Bowden <tcbowden @ clovis . nerdnosh . org>
Organization: NERDNOSH - the story continues...
Date: Thu, 08 Feb 01 16:54:49 PST
To: list-managers @ greatcircle . com
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Tom Neff <tneff @
 panix .
 com> writes:

> I loved reading the different responses, it's like a cross section of the 
> attitudes a working manager sees on her or his lists.
> (My favorite was Chuq's "this list is a rotting sinkhole," etc, because I 
> just had a troublemaker use the same kind of line on a very healthy list... 

I've wanted to compare notes with other managers about types within
the community.  What Mr Neff describes I would recognize as the
first stages of the Dying Swan Act.

There are two natures to Dying Swan, and they are gender-based.
One is male, and he says, "This organization is beneath my
great capacity and overweaning talent!" - and waits around
to be begged not to leave.  The other sort will play victim:
"Terrible Tommy has sorely aflicted me to the point I must
tearfully leave your company."  She also awaits the palm-patters.

Another common character I call General Forest, after that
Confederate cavalry officer's trick of running his troops in
a circle past an opening up on a ridge while he was parlying
with the enemy commander.  One regiment of horse looks pretty
much like another, and they look so much larger when you see
them repeatedly as one point in a circle.

General Forest always has a hidden ace up his spectral sleeve.
She says, "Oh, I have many kind supportive E-mails, and they
agree with my point utterly and totally, only they wish not
to be named because they fear some vicious meanies here..."

There are others.

> The primary reason Majordomo @
 Greatcircle is a blizzard of activity compared 
> to this one is that Majordomo has a blizzard of problems, bugs and issues 
> guaranteed to give you something to talk about.  The secondary reason is 

I was reading ahead: "...that anyone who dwells on Majordomo topics
in here is toasted by several comradely curmudgeons who eagerly await
just such an opportunity to show the malefactor the door to the other

I sometimes fill in as I read.

	       tcbowden @
 nerdnosh .
 org (Tim Bowden)
	   "The reason you can never go home again
	  is because you can never leave." - Timocrates

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